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web·scale - /web ‘ skãl/ - noun - computing architecture

a new architectural approach to infrastructure and computing.

Nutanix leverages “Web-scale” principles throughout our software stack. Web-scale doesn’t mean you need to be as big as Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft in order to leverage them. Web-scale principles are applicable and beneficial at any scale, whether 3-nodes or thousands of nodes.

There are a few key constructs used when talking about “Web-scale” infrastructure:

Other related items:

This book will cover these basics as well as the core architectural concepts.


  1. Where We Started
  2. Products and Platforms
  3. Hyperconverged Platform
  4. Distributed System
  5. Software Defined
  6. Cluster Components
  7. Nondisruptive Upgrades
  8. Foundation (Imaging)
  9. Drive Breakdown