Products and Platforms

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Nutanix pioneered hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to break down legacy silos by merging compute, storage, and networking into a single, easy-to-use datacenter platform. Now, as the cloud has emerged as a critical component of IT infrastructure, Nutanix is breaking down silos again—this time between on-premises, cloud, and the edge—to deliver a hybrid multicloud platform.

Nutanix Cloud Platform

The Nutanix Cloud Platform is a secure, resilient, and self-healing platform for building your hybrid multicloud infrastructure to support all kinds of workloads and use cases across public and private clouds, multiple hypervisors and containers, with varied compute, storage, and network requirements.

Nutanix Cloud Platform Nutanix Cloud Platform

The building blocks of Nutanix Cloud Platform are Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure and Nutanix Cloud Manager. These are the products that fall under each of them to form a complete solution.

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI)

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM)

In addition to NCI and NCM, the Nutanix Cloud Platform also provides the following services.

Nutanix Unified Storage Services

Nutanix Database Service

Simplified and automated database lifecycle management across hybrid clouds

Desktop Services

Deliver virtual desktops and applications on any cloud at scale.

Nutanix Cloud Platform can be deployed on-prem, in public clouds using Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2), in a colocation, or at edge as required. For licensing and software options please visit Software Options Page.


Nutanix supports a variety of vendor platforms and configurations. Platforms can be Nutanix appliances, OEM platforms and third-party server vendors for on-prem platforms. Additionally, Nutanix software also runs in public cloud platforms with NC2 and service provider clouds. For a complete list, please visit the Platforms Page.