The Nutanix Cloud Bible

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The purpose of The Nutanix Cloud Bible is to provide in-depth technical information about the Nutanix platform architecture and how it can enable smooth operations across cloud, edge, and core environments.

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The Basics: Compute, Storage and Networking

The BasicsLearn the basics of Webscale principles and core architectural concepts.


AHVLearn about the native Nutanix hypervisor, including the architecture, I/O path, and administration.

vSphereLearn how VMware ESXi works on Nutanix.

Hyper-VLearn how Microsoft Hyper-V works on Nutanix.

Backup/DR ServicesLearn how Nutanix Leap and Mine offer business continuity and backup.


Unified Storage ServicesLearn all about Nutanix Volumes, Files, and Objects.

Storage for Compute VMsLearn about AOS, the storage, compute, and virtualization platform that provides the core functionality leveraged by workloads and services on-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge.


Network ServicesLearn about the services that provide network security and virtual networking.

Hybrid Multicloud

Nutanix Clusters (NC2)Create your hybrid cloud environment with Nutanix Clusters in the public cloud.

Cloud ManagementLearn how Nutanix Cloud Manager provides a unified solution for managing cloud deployments.

PrismLearn about the Nutanix control plane, a one-click management and interface for datacenter and cloud operations.

APIsLearn how you can automate Prism Element, Prism Central and other Nutanix product functionality via REST API.

Modern Applications and AI/ML

Cloud Native ServicesLearn about how Nutanix supports the development of cloud native workloads.

AI/MLLearn how Nutanix Cloud Platform can bring the value of AI to your organization.


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