Release Notes and Change Log

Please use this document to stay up to date on Nutanix Bible changes, updates and additions. This document will be updated each time a change is made to the Nutanix Bible content.

Change Log

Date Summary Details
June 1st, 2022 Updates to the Book of Nutanix Cloud Clusters
  • New NC2 on Azure Architecture section for the private and upcoming public preview.
May 20, 2022 Updates to the Book of Network Services
  • Updates to the Security Central section - architecture and overview
May 9, 2022 Updates to the Book of AHV
  • Updates to the AHV Architecture section - VM templates, Memory Overcommit, VM Affinity policies
May 3, 2022 New Book of Cloud Native
  • Book of Cloud Native deployed
April 15, 2022 Updates to the Book of AOS
  • Replaced list of VSS supported OS's with link to the NGT / VSS table on portal
  • Changed text to point readers to the correct book/chapter in the bible
  • Resilient Capacity section added to Book of AOS
April 8, 2022 Multiple updates
  • Various updates to I/O Path section, including new vDisk Sharding section
  • Removed Cloud Connect section in the book of AOS.
  • Update Nutanix Clusters sections to reflect name change to NC2
March 25, 2022 Updates to Nutanix Bible images
  • All images now show a larger version on mouse click
March 18, 2022 Updates to the Book of AOS
  • Stargate I/O Logic and Tiers to include Optane Tiering
March 16, 2022 Updates to the Book of Network Services
  • Addition of Security Central and Flow Virtual Networking sections
December 3rd, 2021 Nutanix Bible Classic PDF added
  • Published PDF version of Nutanix Bible Classic view
November 19th, 2021 Release notes added
  • Release notes and change log document released
  • First collection of downloadable PDF sections released