Book of Cloud Management

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Once you have modernized your infrastructure with Nutanix, the next step is to modernize your operations and automation and establish a cloud operating model. A cloud operating model enables customers of all sizes to build and manage their cloud platform faster and more efficiently. The goal is to spend less time responding to service requests and more time innovating and providing business value.

Here are the four main aspects of cloud management:

Nutanix Cloud Manager provides the tools to establish the cloud operating model in your own datacenter, and integrates with native public cloud services as well. For example, Nutanix Self-Service (formerly Calm) enables you to deploy infrastructure into AWS, Azure, or GCP using native instances (e.g. EC2, Azure VMs, GCP Compute Engine instances). Or you can leverage Nutanix Intelligent Operations to understand VM behavior, create easy-to-use automation for routine tasks, and plan for future workloads. Finally, you can govern cost and security across clouds with Cost Governance and Security Central.

So to summarize, the four services in Nutanix Cloud Manager are:

This book will dive into these services in more detail. Note that the Cost Governance and Self-Service sections are coming soon.

NOTE: Security Central section is covered in the Book of Network Services.


  1. Intelligent Operations