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Partner Kubernetes Distributions

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The Nutanix Cloud Platform is an ideal solution for running any certified Kubernetes distribution. Nutanix brings an enterprise-class platform with all the resources needed to successfully run your modern applications at scale.

Kubernetes distributions require compute, network, and storage. With Nutanix, these resources are easily accessible to IT administrators and developers to run their preferred Kubernetes distributions. Several leading Kubernetes distribution providers have certified their solutions for use with Nutanix including Red Hat OpenShift, Google Anthos, and several others. View our supported partner software solutions online on the Nutanix support portal.

OpenShift Anthos Rancher D2IQ

Kubernetes architecture

All Kubernetes distributions have a base architecture with the following components at a minimum:

Kubernetes Cluster Components

In addition, these components run on all Kubernetes control plane and worker nodes.

Detailed information on these components can be found in the Kubernetes documentation.